Letter from the President

My passion is to improve the information flow and communications between the professionals in Government procurement and their industry counterparts, whether they are the contracts personnel or the program personnel.  It all starts with requirements management. My vision is an RFP that clearly communicates the requirements, does not engender any questions from the bidders, produces proposals that are straightforward and easy for the source selection team to evaluate and ultimately results in meeting the objective of the procurement at least cost.

Federal Services, Inc. attacks the requirements challenge one procurement at a time while ensuring scalability. We provide the expertise and the expository and technical writing expertise. You concentrate on delivering your mission and providing the subject matter expertise. Together we ensure the schedule is met and your requirements are fulfilled. 

We are here to help with any or all parts of the acquisition. Please call and discuss your requirements.


Dick Blom, PMP


Federal Services, Inc.

2009 Best of Business Award

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