Federal Services Requirements Management

By nailing the requirements process upfront, you save time and effort in developing your PBA packages or converting your traditional acquisition packages to PBA. We facilitate the communications between Contracts and Program Offices. Our methodology ties the Statements of Objectives (SOO), Performance Work Statements (PWS), Performance Requirements Summaries (PRS) and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASP) together using the equivalent of a requirements traceability process. In addition to the SOO, PWS, PRS and QASP, the process includes Performance Work Breakdown; Section L, Proposal Instructions linkage; Section M, Evaluation Factors linkage; and source selection planning. Although it is an end-to-end methodology, you can enter at any point to take advantage of work completed to date. We can use our templates or yours. We create the clear writing to convey the required information from your source material and interviews with your subject matter experts while you perform your mission critical activities.

Statement of Objectives (SOO)

The SOO articulates the basic, high-level objectives of the acquisition. It can be used as the basis of an offeror prepared PWS.

Performance Work Statement (PWS)

The ultimate goal of the PWS is to describe the requirements in a way that allows an offeror to understand fully what will be necessary to accomplish them.

Performance Requirements Summary (PRS)

Measuring and managing performance requires: performance standards and measurement techniques; performance management approach; acceptable quality levels; and, in some cases, incentives. The PRS development is on a level with Performance Work Statement (PWS) or the Statement of Objectives (SOO) development. It defines how the contract will be managed to achieve the planned performance objectives.

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)

The QASP, as a mechanism for implementing and monitoring the inspection and acceptance provisions of the FAR, should base the metrics on controllable factors that the offeror should be able to accomplish without dependence on Government processes or decisions. It is the offerors responsibility to perform Quality Assurance. The QASP provides Government oversight of that process. It is prudent to only include enough activity to ensure compliance with the approved QA plans so that program costs are contained. 

RFP Section L and M

The crux of selecting the right contractor is embodied in the solicitation and proposal process. Section L, Proposal Instructions, and Section M, Evaluation Criteria, ultimately determine the quality of responses that you receive. The tightly linked/highly correlated RFP SOO/PWS, Section L and Section M results in easily evaluated responses and your selection of the right contractor.

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